Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Proposal

Since I started a blog about the wedding and our life after, I figured we were missing a bunch of events leading up to the wedding. The proposal was a pretty big step. John and I have been together for a just over 4 years now. We had been talking about getting married for a while and it wasn't a question of if but when. I wasn't really in any hurry, almost every single one of our friends had gotten married in the past year or so. I had graduated from chiropractic school in September of 2011, by December of 2011 I was working hard to build my practice. I had volunteered to work new years eve thinking I could see a few people and then enjoy the rest of the day. To my surprise, I ended up seeing a full day of patients.  I called John to let him know that I would be running late to catch up on paperwork, but he insisted that I come home immediately ( I was working in Canby Or at the time and it was a 40+ min commute home).

On the front porch there were 2 roses and this note

 I did what I was told. I walked into the house and John had votive candles lining the stair cases. There were also probably 100 more candles lighting the house. As I made my way downstairs to the guest room I found that he had left different items out of the bed
The Note explained the meaning of each one of the items. It was really touching and by this point I could hardly read through the tears. 
 I go up stairs to the office and on the desk is another rose and this note. He had written down about 15 reasons why he loved me

My next stop was the deck in our back yard. I go out the sliding glass doors and there is a blank piece of paper, a rose and 2 candles. I say "Hello????" And at that moment this appears in our backyard

 The next thing I know John is by my side, with a dozen roses, down on one knee saying lots of nice things, I have no idea what he actually said but I am sure the words "Will you Marry Me" were some of them. Because I said "Of Course"

Then he placed this beautiful ring (that he picked out himself).  On my hand
And that's the story of how we got engaged.

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