Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bridal Shower

I was very fortunate to have not only one but two bridal showers. One was in San Diego put on by my maid of honor Ashley and her Mom (blog post pending until I get some pictures). The other was in Portland Oregon and put on by my mother in law and two sister in laws.  Here are a few pictures from the one in Oregon.
 Cupcakes made by Jeanie Fast. Tea from Teavana (I must have had 12 cups).

 Everyone playing the Bride and Groom Trivia Game. It was won by Claire, which was a little unfair because we practically lived with her for 2 years.
 I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving family and friends. I was also a little bit overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  I am still trying to find homes for all the amazing things we received.

Something special for the groom. Santa Thong.. from his mother!
All set! You are looking at the future Mrs. Anhorn.
Thank you so much for everyone who came, it was so great to see everyone.
I can't wait for the big day.. 48 days

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