Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tasting and final walk through

The wedding is in 14 days! 
First stop, and probably most important we went down to get MARRIAGE LICENSE.

Offically declared my new name  Shannon Noel Anhorn

 By this point John was a little annoyed with me taking so many pictures. We were were practically the only people in there. I guess Thursday afternoon in January isn't high season for marriage license.
This is John having second thoughts about getting married.

 Almost official
Our Next Stop was the beautiful Governor Hotel to meet with our wedding planner Mel and have our menus tasting.
John and I got there a little early so we stopped by the bar to have a drink. Best Mimosa ever
After drinks John and I were taken to a private section of the dinning room where we got to sample menu items. Almost everything we ate was so delicious.  Can't wait for our guests to enjoy dinner. 

This is where the morning after brunch will be. Such a cozy beautiful room

 The floor plan is set, the time line is set, everything is pretty much set. Now we just wait.

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