Saturday, March 23, 2013

So lucky

I knew when I started dating John that he was different from other guys and that is part of the reason I feel in love with him. Now that we are married ( which feels a lot like it was when we were not married) he surprises me with little gestures that I cherish so much.
Lets start with last Friday night. We decided to go on an official date night as a married couple. I was able to pick out any restaurant I wanted. I decided to go to 3 doors down, a yummy italian restaurant in SE portland. John made us reservations and told me to be ready by 6. When he walked though the door he was carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers. My heart just melted :)

Next was my birthday. I pleaded to John not to get me anything, well other then my favorite banana cake from Larson bakery. When I woke up on Tuesday morning John ordered me to stay in bed because he was going to make me breakfast. I waited in bed while he fumbled in the kitchen. About a 1/2 hour later he emerges with home made eggs Benedict! I was shocked! It was my favorite and he had never made it before. For my birthday dinner John made me risottos with shrimp.

Lastly was today. This is the 1 Saturday that I work a month. I left the house around 8:15 am and returned around 4pm. When I got home John has dusted the house, did all the laundry and out it away, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom and ever mopped the floors!

I feel so lucky to be with a man who helps out around the house and that loves and respects ,e so much

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