Sunday, September 22, 2013

A father/ son packer weekend

It has been John's wish to take his dad to a packer game ever since he was a boy. Johns dad became a packer fan when he was a boy growing up in Germany. The packers were the only team he could get on his am/fm radio, and so he listened. His loves his packers and even has a cheese head at their house. But he had never been to a game, EVER. This year for his dad's birthday he gave him the packers schedule and told him to choose any game he wanted to go to, because he was taking him to lambeau!
His dad choose the season opener vs the Washington red skins. 
John planned the weekend with the help of the packers fan club 

The boys had the time of their life
Hanging out at the Chicago airport
They finally made it.
Autograph signing with the players 

At the official tailgater, it was pouring! But the boys still had a good time ( I am sure the beers helped) 

It was the trip of a lifetime, John's dad said it was the 5the best day of his life, behind his wedding day and the day each of his kids were born. 

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