Monday, December 16, 2013

Eating around...

PWe were told that Costa Rica is not known for their food, which made john and I a little sad because we love to try new foods when we travel. But we have been very pleasantly surprised by the food, one place in particular. 
We have gone to alibi at least once per day since we have gotten here. It is owned by a family and the food is made to order and so fresh. We have been for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. 

John with his jevous rancheros
This is the typico breakfast, rice and beans, fried plan games eggs and tortillas. We also go the most delicious fresh juice. 
For dinner I got fish in garlic sauce
 Zac got chicken in a pineapple mango sauce
Linnea got a chicken pita
John got nachos... Decomposed

Since we had eaten here so many times, they brought us free dessert
A very moist chocolate milk cake. 
They make everything from scratch on a few burners. Pretty impressive that that beautiful food comes out of this kitchen. 

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