Friday, December 13, 2013

Hola Costa Rica

We made it to San Jose, Costa Rica. 
On our first flight we met these two who were also going to Costa Rica. We had dinner with them at Lax and played a few rounds of uno which really helped pass the time. 
After our lay over in LA, we boarded our plane at 11:00 pm. John and I were instantly a little disappointed that there were not personal TV's on the back of the seats. But we did score the emergency row, so we had plenty of leg room. 
There was a movie playing, but it was "ELF", probably one of John's least favorite movies. 

After we got off the plane, we headed to the domestic "terminal"
This is the entire domestic terminal. Since we are taking such a small connector plane, we had to be weighed with our bags so they could balance the plane. 
Costa Rica is known for their ecotourism. We got our first bit of that when they handed us our boarding passes, they are laminated so they can be used cover and over again. 
We are now having a little breakfast and should be heading to our first destination shortly. Can't wait to take a nap in a hammock and see our friends Zac and Linnea. 
 John enjoyed his espresso, rice and beans, empanadas, and some egg/cheese/cake. 

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