Thursday, March 31, 2016

Florence museums

On our second day in Florence we wanted to see the David and the art work at the Uffizi. Had we not really done our research and didn't reserve tickets to either. We were able to get reserved tickets to the academia to see the David, but not until 3:30 in the afternoon. So we walked around looking at street art and shops. 
The David in real life was magical. To think this was craved out of marble and it is so anatomically correct is just wild, 
John was doing his best David impression. Pretty close don't you think? 
We decided to wait in line at the Uffizi. We met a great couple from England  which helped pass the time in line. We were nervous we were not going to make it in before they closed and due to the holiday. But we made it. 
I snapped a great shot on our way back to our hotel 
This bridge was built I the 1300s and has lots of stores along it. We tried to walk across it a few times, but it was always wall to wall people, so we enjoyed it from afar. 

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