Thursday, March 24, 2016

Out on the town.

I found this place online that had great reviews and was hailed as a local hangout. So we hired an über and set out across town.
We knew we had a great place when there was 10 people waiting outside and a loud packed fast moving resturant inside. We had a glass of wine while we waited. We were seated in within 15 min. The table next to us started out with 3 people, but slowly people started adding. By the end pf the evening they had squeezed 6 people onto a 2 top. They were super friendly and told us this was the type of place you come to alone and by the end of the night there is 6 or 7. 
We started with the meat and cheese plate
I ordered the gnocchi of the day which had brocolii and Parmesan cheese. John had the lasagna 
After dinner we decided to walk home. On our adventure we stopped at this amazing bakery. 
Here we met a local who helped me pick out a pasty and some wine cookies (cookies that you dip in wine) sounds super weird, but it was amazing.
We sat with him as he told us about the best places to eat in Rome. 
John was beery impressed by the giant sausage out front. 

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