Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rome cooking school

John and I had a great time learning how to cook authentic Italian food. 
Our chef and teather Andrea was importation and passionate about the ingredients as well as the tradition of food. We learned both fun cooking pointers and the history of the dish. 

We took an early uber to the "ghetto" it is where the servants for the rich use to live. Back in the day they were only paid in food, so naturally some of the best food comes from this part of town. 
He had gone to the farmers market and bought the ingredients for the day. The food looked so beautiful, at first I thought it was fake. 
We started by balancing the fresh tomatoes for our sauce.  We peeled the, and cut them up

Next, we rolled carrots and celery inside the thin cut of meat. 

We learned that in real Italian food, you never cook with onions and garlic. Yup... Mind Blown!! 
In our fresh tomato sauce we put garlic ( unpeeled) fresh basil and salt. We learned that since it is early for tomatoes it was important to sift the tomatoes seeds out, because they make it bitter.  
When using canned tomatoes, use onion, celery and carrot in your sauce, we also added basil and red wine. 
Next we made roman artichokes. Peeling them was quite the art.. And some people did better then others.
They were stuffed with parsley, mint and garlic then pan fried and steamed. 
Next we got to make home made pasta.
We made a lot of pasta! 
Then it was time to eat! 
This might have been one of my favorite things I have eaten so far. 
Next was the pasta. The sauce was so simple and light. It was really wonderful 
John recalled like the beef rolls and the sauce they were cooked in. 
For dessert we had tiramisu

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