Friday, May 8, 2015

Berlin - the memorial of murdered Jews and farmers market.

We felt like we saw most the the big tourist atteactions in Berlin other then the holocaust memorial. It was so powerful to see the stone structures.
The Memorial takes up an entire city block (4.7-acre)  and is covered with 2,711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field. The slabs are about 8 feet long, about 3 feet wide and vary in height from 8 inches to 15. They are organized in rows, 54 of them going north-south, and 87 heading east-west at right angles but set slightly askew. 
 As you walk through people seems to appear and then disappear. At the deepest level it appears the only way out is up. 
After we walked through the memorial we went through museum underground, it was somber and dark and I couldn't spend much time there. There was a room where they read names of those killed and a bit of their story. In all the readings take over 6 years.

We decided to get a bite to eat after. 
John had his first curryworst. 
We then walked around the city. 
I had in my head that I wanted to buy some sort of art while I was in Berlin and we finally found some. 
We paid 50 euro for a student painting in front of the art college.
 And then I found a pretzel! That checks off all the things I wanted to do while I was in Berlin 

We were looking for something different for dinner so we found a farmers market (it was a bit off the beaten path. It was so fun to see and try all the local things. 
John and I had a blast. 
We picked out cheeses, meats, breads, fresh pasta, olives, wine, beer and dessert. 

First we enjoyed appetizers in our apart,met over looking the garden. 

Then we prepared the main course together 
It was so yummy! 
John was too full for dessert... So I am snacking on it while I write this blog. 
We have had a wonderful time here in Berlin. Tomorrow we head 4.5 hours southeast to Prague. 

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