Friday, May 15, 2015

The castle tour

We started our day off in a down pour. I was glad john was driving because you could hardly see anything. 
We made our way through afew small towns and cities. Everything was pretty sleepy, it was a German holiday so stores were a,l closed. 
It took us just under 2 hours to the castles. The castles were built by Ludwig the 2nd. This castle was onl about 1/3 done and had taken 17 years to complete so far. He had only lived I the castle for 152 days before the parliament had determined him "mad". He was being interviewed by a doctor by a lake near Munich when he and the doctor were found dead. Just 6 weeks later the government started tours I the castle. 
We had to hike up the hill, which took us about 40 min. 
View from the bridge. 
This picture was taken by our friends the day before, I think it's a bit better since it's not so cloudy. 

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