Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Picking up my Volvo at the factory in Sweden

I was so excited Monday morning! I woke up early and was ready to get going. First we had a great complementary breakfast at the hotel. Then we met a volvo driver to take us to the factory. 
The factory was about 20 minutes from the hotel. 
I checked in and showed them my proof of purchase, we were told to have a seat and our guide would be right with us. 
Our guide went over the details of our insurance and coverage while in Europe as well as some other handy paperwork things. 
He even gave us the title 
The car is officially mine! 

Then it was finally time to see the car. 
Our guide showed me how to use everything inside my car.. I mean EVERYTHING! 

After we picked up the car we were treated to lunch at the factory
After lunch we got to tour the factory. It was so interesting to watch the assembly line and see all the different people and robots that built the car. 


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