Monday, May 11, 2015

Prague day 2

We started off the morning with a lovely breakfast at our hotel. We took off by foot and looked around the old clock in the square. 

Legend about clockmaster Hanus

The origin of the Astronomical Clock was misrepresented for centuries. It was believed, that the author was clockmaster Hanus, also called Jan of Ruze, who lived in the 15 th century. The story said that the clock was admired by many foreigners, but Hanus refused to show construction plans to anybody. When Prague Councillors found out that he was going to make another, even better clock, they became jealous and blinded him so he could not finish it. Later he allegedly damaged the astronomical clock in revenge, and nobody was able to repair it.

The view from th top was beautiful

Real history of the Astronomical Clock

The real author of the clock was discovered in 1961 in an old document, which describes the astronomical dial and says it was made by Mikulas of Kadan in 1410. He probably cooperated with the astronomer and Charles University professor Jan Sindel.

I had booked a food tour with the company "eating with locals". 
We met our guide Martina in front of a huge mall. 
The first stop was closed but she had brought open face sandwiches chlebíček along with her for us to try. 
It was a piece of sour dough bread, with potatoe salad, meet, cheese, and egg and mayo. 
If I would have had 2 I would have been full, but this was just our first stop. 
Next we stopped by a butcher shop ( it was also closed because it was Sunday). She described the time of communist rule, quality of food did not matter, just quantity.  Much of the food was terrible and there was very poor food safety concern.  
Our first stop was katr - a newer resturant that has a new take on classic Czech cusine. 
From left to right.
1. Trout with cabbage and new potatoes. Although I am not normally a trout fan, I actually enjoyed this dish. 
2.nakládaný hermelín” (pickled cheese) - sounds weird, but it was actually very good
3. “tatarák” (beef tartar)- better then I thought it would be. John was disappointed that there was no other favors in the meat
“tlačenka” (aspic / headcheese)- definitely not my favorite 
 The samples were served with a Pilsner beer. 

After we left we started walking back towpawrds the town center, all of a sudden the we stopped and our guide pulled out a small bottle of liquor. Called Czech Slivovice - alcohol made of plums

It is thought to be a cure all when you are sick. It was strong and brunt a bit on the way down. 

Next we stopped at  Mincovna restaurant – we fried “Romadur” cheese with cranberries

It was very stinky cheese, ( john had a hard time stomaching it at first, but it was actually very flavorful and smooth. 
Next we hadroasted beef with traditional creamy sauce and Carlsbad bun dumpling. We learned that proper gravy is made without flour, and instead thickened with veggetables. 
The gravy was beige with hints of lemon. (This was my favorite plate we had that day) 

For dessert we had traditional apple strudel

Our next stop was  Choco Café – you got a chance to taste unique Czech “Hořické trubičky” (Hořice rolls) filled with fresh whipped cream dipped in a hot chocolate and Becherovka –  this place was so good I came back today to blog and get more chocolate. 

Czech digestive liquor made of secret combination of herbs and spices this seriously tasted like pinesol or a Christmas tree. I couldn't finish mine so John did. 

We then set off across the bridge to taste some local Czech wines. 

Our last stop wasVinograf wine bar with a nice selection of Czech & Moravian wines. We enjoyed a glass and talked with put guide about her life.. She had 4-5 different jobs. 

She pulled out of her purse a  Kofola – Czech “coke” drink. The recipe changes every year. It has more caffeine, less sugar and no phosphate. It think it tasted a bit like a coke that had been left out for a long time. 

We said pur good byes to our guide and headed back to the hotel. We wanted to make the ballet by 6. 

The theater was stunning. And for 10 dollars a ticket we sat front and center. 


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