Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We spent the morning driving from Prague to munich. It was about 225 miles and took us just about 4 hours to get there.
I also finally let john drive my car. 
We needed to top off our tank and put another 70 euro in it. We got to munich around 2 and were not going to meet our host from our rental until 5. We walked around trying to find somewhere to eat. We ended up at an ice cream shop and the owner said that they would make us some sandwiches even though they were no longer serving lunch. 
As we went to pay, they said they only accept cash. Since we were out of euros john had to go find an atm. The owner was so nice and offered to allow us to return later to pay, but I satay end as john went on an adventure.  After settling our bill we asked what we should do. The owner suggested we take the u- ban a few stops to the city center. 
We bought 2 tickets and headed out. 

There is a big soccer  today and the square was nuts! People cheering and dancing everywhere. 
We stopped at an outside beer garden and had our first Munich beer. 
It was crazy how many people were out drinking beer at 3 o'clock on a Tuesday 
We checked in with our host Michael and he showed us around the apartment. 
It's pretty small but is very clean and has everything we need. 
It has a great little Terrance that I am sitting on writing this post. 
After checking in we headed back out to the city center. We wanted to stop at the famous beer house, HofbrÀuhaus. This beer hall has been here for 400 years and can hold up to 4,000 people 
It had 4 floors, 2 live bands and people and beer everywhere. 
We got a giant pretzel and a giant beer and enjoyed the scene 
These are lockers for your beer stein. It's almost impossible to get one of these and it is often left in someone's will. 
We met a nice couple from Orange County, heather and mark and hung out with them all evening. They suggested we do a bike tour, mikes bike so that is what we will be doing today. 

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