Friday, May 8, 2015

International freeways and trying to get to Berlin

Staring at the John and I both slept really well on the ship, despite John's fear of getting sea sick. At 8:30 am there was an announcement made to go down to the car deck and start your engines. We were not in a big rush to get down there so we puttered around a bit in the room. I felt like we may have been to last ones to get to our cars and the ship door opened just moments after we got in. 

Our GPS did not get singal for what seemed like forever, I drove around in circles before finally stopping at a gas station. Luckily our GPS found signal and we were off to Hamburg. Driving a brand new car on a foreign country freeway where you don't know the rules, or the language, proved to be highly stressful. 
After driving forever ( forever because I hadn't had breakfast or coffee) we made it to Hamburg. It was nearly noon by the time we found parking. 
We walked through a really pretty park.. But again we had trouble finding our way.
John looking at the gps waiting for signal. 

We stopped at the first place we found and ordered espresso and paninis. I am. Ot sure if it was just me being over hungry or what but they were so yummy. 
And then we were off again. There was not too much to look at between Hamburg and Berlin. 
When we finally arrived in the city the traffic was crazy! So many cars, people and bikes, it was sensory overload and highly stressful. We found our apartment and found Safe parking for my car. 
The apartment is behind a ver small art gallery .

We had our first german beer and dinner a short walk from the apartment. 

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