Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baan Chang Elephant park

Yesterday John and I spent the day at a elephant reserve. Thailand only has about 3,000 elephants left and many of them are being used to log the mountains and trained to do stupid tricks like paint or play soccer. Both lives are really hard on the elephants and they will never forget it. These elephants are saved and brought to this beautiful ranch where they get feed about 6 kilos of fresh bananas and sugar cane an day, get about 2-3 hours of exercise and get to play in the river 3x a day. Each elephants has its own trainer who usually stays with them for years and years. Each elephants is only used 1 x per day for visitors.

They had 26 elephants at the park ranging for age 3 years to 60 year old. We spent our morning learning about them and feeding them. It was funny how some of them only liked the bananas and some just wanted the sugar cane,.
After lunch we got to take them for a walk in the jungle, I got to ride the 7 year old, and she was very cute and playful. John's elephant was really hungry and tried to stop multiple times on our ride for a snack of branches. I truly enjoyed being so close to these beautiful creatures. John wasn't too comfortable on his, every time I looked back he looked like he was holding on for dear life.

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