Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cooking school

For the past two days john and I attended a Thai cooking classes. It has been so much fun. We have learned lots of good techniques and a lot about local Thai ingredients. The first day we went to a local market where we went around and bought all the ingredients that we needed for that days class. Thai markets are something else, they are all out in the open and each booth has some thing different to offer. There are booths that carry spices, rice, coconut (more on that later) fresh meat, chicken, veggies, and already prepared food. It was so amazing to see all the people go around and buy different ingredients.
One thing that I found interesting was the coconut station. I had no idea how coconut milk and coconut cream where made. First they shred the coconut and press it through cloth to make coconut cream. To make coconut milk they mix coconut cream and water.

Cooking school has also been great. Yesterday we made 6 dishes and today we made 6 dishes.
We were really full yesterday, but learned to pace ourselves a little bit more today.

After cooking school yesterday, Pon ( not Paul like I said in the last post) took us to another local open Thai market. I couldn't believe ow much cheaper things were, got a Thai iced tea for 10 bhat (about 30 cents). Next we went to the night bazaar, Pon showed us which restaurants were good and which were not. Then he took us to china town to find John a special snack. BUGS! John thought he was brave enough to try them, but once he saw them in real life he decided against it. John found himself some street food snacks and then we headed back to the house for the night. We were both so tried and full we went straight to bed.

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