Saturday, February 9, 2013

The longest day ever

Two days ago John and I had a rough day of travel. We were suppose to be picked up at our hotel in Samui at 10:45. At 11 o clock we were starting to get worried. We went to the front desk and had them call the place we had made our reservations for. The guy must have called like 30 times saying "they are very busy". He finally got a hold of them and said that someone at the airport had made a mistake and forgot to call in our reservation. John was PISSED! There are only 2 ferries that leave a day that go straight to koh toa. The nice man at the hotel told John not to worry and to enjoy his holiday. Finally a out 20 min later he comes over to us and tell us that a taxi will pick us up at 4:00.
John was really angry, and upset that we were missing time at the resort. So I did what any good wife would do, I went to 7-11 and bought him a changs beer for 44 baht (1.50). Only in thailand do they have a bottle opener at the register. John kept asking me why I wasn't upset, and I told him because being upset is not going to get us there any faster. I decided we could both use some relaxation so I found us a massage place with air condition. After our massage John was less upset, which is good, I mean we were still on a beautiful island in the South China Sea.

At 3:45 the "taxi" driver came and picked us up. He wasn't really a taxi driver, he was the owner of the company at the airport and be picked us up in his private car. He apologized for the mistake and says that it never happens. He was from Sweden and had lots of useful information for us.
The ferry office was so unorganized and crazy. Lots of people, lots of walking and lots of waiting. We finally got on the ferry at 6:15. I was crowded, dirty and there was a screaming child. We had both taken some pills to help with the sea sickness, which helped a bit. But the trip was really long. About 2.5 hours of travel time, but they stopped to drop people off which took another 1/2 hour.
When we finally made it to koh toa John and I were both pretty grumpy, hungry and tired. We were really hoping that our hotel would be there to pick us up. When they were we both gave a big sigh of relief. That was until we saw who we would be sharing our truck world. A huge group of Chinese tourist. They were so loud the entire trip, yelling at each other from across the way. The kids were terrible standing up and screening. I really thought John was going to lose it.

We finally made it to our hotel. But it was too dark to see anything. Not that it really mattered because John and I were too tired to care
But on a happy note, I did manage to capture a beautiful sunset from the boat.

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