Sunday, February 3, 2013

John's tips for thailand

1. All tuk tuks (small 3 wheel motor bike with a bench) and cabs are trying to get you to go to there sponsor which is usually a suit shop. Don't go.
2. Decide on the price before ever getting a cab or tuk tuk. You can have a tuk tuk take u around all day for under 100 baht or 3 dollars.
3. Street food is the best, almost everything is under a dollar or less. 10 dollars or 300 baht will cover more then you can eat and drink for one evening.
4. Stick with taih message and foot messages. Oil messages are not good in thailand on many levels.
5. The minimum wage in thailand is only 300 baht per day or only 11 dollars so tip when you can. You are only paying 10 dollars for a message so tipping 3 isn't that bad.
6. If you are looking for some beer drink changs beer it is a light beer that is 6.5 percent alcohol. Best place to get it is at the 7-11. 22 oz bottles are only 45 baht there or 1.5 dollars. Be careful with some mixed drinks they add straight sugar to them which can make u sick.
7. Don't pay full price for anything take whatever something is being sold for and try to get them down to half the price at least.
8. Don't trust maps with street names they will never be right and send you in the wrong direction.
9 don't try to plan too much just go out and walk around you will find plenty to do. Message,concerts, street food, street stores, ect.
10. All travel in opposite, drive in the other side of the road, trains are on the other side of the track, people walk on the other side of the path.

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