Sunday, February 3, 2013

Made it to chaing mai

John and I didn't sleep very well last night, we were both a little nervous about the next days travels, and the hotel was a little loud ( although very clean and safe)
We started our day at about 5:15 am, after some quick showers we packed our bags and started the second leg of our journey. We took a cab to the train station, cost 50 baht ( or 1.50 for a 10 min cab) next we took the subway to the airport air train. The air train was a few blocks away from subway but we were able to fallow the red signs and find it. We were hoping to catch the express train but missed it by a min. So we had to run across the station to catch the regular train that was going to leave in 3 min. I was happy that John and I have been training for triathlons because it was quite the trek. We got up stairs in the nick of time and got on the train. Before we knew it, we were at the airport.
The Bangkok airport is just like Bangkok, crazy, unorganized and a million people everywhere. We made it to the terminal with about an hour to spare. I got to talk to my mom on Facebook for a while then we boarded the plane. Even though it was only a 50 min flight we got served a pastry, juice and coffee.
Chaing mai is just a breath of fresh air. The city is slower, not as crowed and we can pretty much walk everywhere
Here are some pictures from our walk today

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