Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hotel #2 day 3 in bangkok

Since we didn't get to take the over night train the chang mai we needed to find a hotel to stay 1 more night in bangkok. I downloaded the trip advisor advisor application for our iPad, which has been great for choosing hotels and reading about what to do and not to do. We picked The Warehouse because reviews said it was nice, clean and off the main street, so that you could get some sleep.
John and I packed our backpacks ups, (somehow we had much fuller packs this time) and we left the luxury of the anantara. We needed to take the air bus, and the boat up north to the kings palace, and then try to find The Warehouse. John manned the map and had a pretty good idea of where we should go. I was starting to doubt his navigation skills ( John isn't the best at directions). We pulled out our map again tried to orientate ourselves. A local man asked us where we were headed and when we told him he said, " walk 1 min this way" and there it was. A clean nice looking building. We couldn't check in until 2pm so we sat down at the restaurant and had a very yummy lunch.
After we checked in and showered ( we have been taking like 3 showers a day because its just so darn humid and sticky here) we headed up to kho San road. Kho San road is a famous back packers open market. It was crazy! There was just so much stuff and people and craziness. We walked up and down the street looking at all the fake purses, underwear, backpacks and jacket.

We found a place to get a foot massage that was outside (which we wanted to make sure it was safe). John and i had a front seat to all the crazy people walking up and down the street for an hour. and for 220 baht, about 7 dollars we enjoyed our best foot massage yet. while we were sitting there a police man came by, and in about 10 seconds the whole street was clear of everything. And about 5 min later everything creeped back down..
John ended his day with some street pad Thai.
Now we have taken our 3rd shower of the day and trying to cool down before we go down stairs for more people watching.
We have an early flight tomorrow morning up to chang mai.

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