Friday, February 1, 2013

Lost in bangkok

Yesterday was our first day in bangkok. We had nothing planned, but needed to make it to the train station to book our over night train to chang mai. John had tried to book it while we were back home but was unsuccessful. We started our journey in our hotel lobby where we tried to catch a taxi, but were told that it was rush hour and would take 40+ min to go 5 miles.
John and I decided to test out the public transportation system. We took the air train to the subway all for about $1 US. It only took us about 10 mins to figure it all out, which is good since non of it was in English. We made it to the train station in one piece and was met by a local man that helped us to the right window to get a train ticket. We were told that the mid night train for the February 3rd was already booked for 1st and 2 nd class ( air conditioned sleeper car seats). The only seats left were in non air conditioned seats. The nice local man suggested we book a flight instead. We were then taken up stairs to book the flights. A very nice Thai travel agent did the whole thing for us. We will be taking an 1 hour flight north.
Next John and I wanted to check out some local markets. We got some directions and headed out on foot. After walking for about an hour and turning around a few times we were lost. We back tracked a bit, asked for directions about 12 times, and finally made it to the Sheraton. Along the way I got some fresh squeezed juice, a Thai iced tea, a coconut water and another iced tea. We were very hot and sweaty and tired from walking around for 2+ hours. We found a great massage parlor and decided to stop and get some of our travel aches and pains worked out. For 300 baht a piece ( just over 10 dollars) we got an hour Thai massage and some yummy tea.

I wish there was a yelp for bangkok because finding a place to sit and eat is a little difficult. After looking online for about an hour, we found a small restaurant with a set menu. 6 courses for 900 baht a person including drinks. I booked us a reservation and set an alarm so that we could take a nap before dinner. After walking around bangkok all morning, I wasn't to excited about trying to find this small 10 table restaurant, but John was determined to find it and make it on time. The restaurant had sent us a make shift map, because it is " hard to fine". Hard to find was the understatement of the year. Google told us it was only .7 miles always. We walked for about 40 min trying to find it before we asked for help. Lots of nice people tried to help us find it, and we got turned around 12 different times. We ended up walking through a crazy night bazaar, with wall to wall people walking between vendors on both sides of the street. We also saw a Thai singing group singing gangman style. After about an hour and a half of walking I was ready to give up. But John was still determined. We ended up walking down a dark ally way and then I was over it. I told John I wasn't hungry and I wanted to go home. We started to head back and found a really nice restaurant. So we stopped. Dinner was yummy, see pictures below, and only set us back 750 baht. As we start to walk back to the hotel, I look up and say " you have got to be kidding me!!!!!" Right there, across the street from where we ate was the first place we were looking for! John and I laughed the whole way home.

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