Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting around on koh toa

The "roads" on koh toa are really something. Every uses 4 wheel drive trucks and 4 wheelers to get around, the roads are very narrow, very steep with lots of blind corners. The best part is they move people around in the back of pick up trucks. I felt like I was on Indiana jones at Disneyland. Some visitors choose to rent motorbikes, but John and I have no desire to, people around here drive so crazy!

Yesterday John and I needed a little break from tanning ( John was a little red) so we decided to go into town. The hotel has a free shuttle that leaves around 2 and picks you up at 6:30 or 9:30 pm. We had a few things to do in town, book our ferry back to koh Samui, get a massage, get more sun tan lotion and big spray and get some snacks and water for our room. The ferry company we used to come here on was booked so we needed to find another one. After that we needed to find a massage, which isn't that hard because there was like 10 within a 5 min walk. After all that we still had 2.5 hours to burn. Oh how I wished we just stayed at our resort. The resort is so tranquil and relaxing, whereas the city is loud and busy. We were going to have dinner at a place by the beach, but just after we ordered the people next to us found a cockroach in their pad thai. I was no longer hungry and decided to get a changs beer instead.
We ended up talking to the guy sitting next to us, who was also from portland, he lived about 10 blocks away form where I work and he is taking the same flight back to portland. Crazy small world. We also met a nice couple who use to live in Beaverton. I guess people on the northwest really love thailand

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