Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On our way back home

To get back home from the resort we had to take a lot of different modes of transportation. A truck from the resort to a ferry from koh toa to koh Samui, a taxi to the airport, a plane to Bangkok, a van to our hotel, a van back to the airport, a plane to Tokyo Japan, a plane to portland, a car to grandmas house, and then our car to our house... Phew that's a lot.
Well.. We are almost there.
The first part was a little stressful, because a lot of things needed to line up to ensure we made it to the airport. The ferry ride was really hot and the ocean was very very rocky. But both of us made it without feeding any fish. We got to the airport 3 hours early so we took a nap.
We didn't have much trouble finding the hotel van, which was nice. We arrived at the hotel just before 11:00 pm, but had to check out at 3:30 am. Showers and 4 hours of sleep was worth the hassle.
Only a few more legs left of our trip. I am definitely ready to sleep in my own bed.

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